Tequila Mockingbird (6)

I understood that by giving up a lot of travel and education to stay and build Theatrics, I was limiting my scope and worldview a little bit. My act was stale, my classes were pretty repetitive, and my context was narrower than I’d like.  

Jeremy came home and basically had a Masters Degree in Gay Lifestyle and Its Cultural Implications. He was electric with good energy, novel ideas, and lavish stories. I was so happy he was home, he was happy to be here having burned out on the New York lifestyle, but he was quite evidently unwell.  

Zoe came home a few months after him and her reaction to him confirmed what I already feared: he was not well. And this was a time in the United States when a man with a certain lifestyle was at risk for a certain kind of unwell.  

We never discussed it openly but all three of us knew what was going on. So we went on with business as usual – Zoe and I mostly working as a pair to get Sustained Theatrics where we wanted. We gave Jeremy lots of the idea-oriented tasks. While we did physical and practical tasks, Jeremy did a lot of the idea work and artistic contributions.  

Jeremy was living with me as his family had not been welcoming of his return.