Tequila Mockingbird (8)

Zoe and I have been running Sustained Theatrics since then. It’s been over twenty years. We’re a family – me and my husband, Zoe and her partner, our kids – and our families are family. My mom and Zoe’s mom still play tennis.  

We are a family with a family business split three ways. My cut to me, Zoe’s cut to her, and Jeremy’s cut to maintain the youth space we established as part of the studio. We noticed how many of our students were gathering in the parking lots just like we used to and how some of them had much less than we did. We wanted to sustain their interest in performance and not let circumstances dictate otherwise. So we opened a large youth space with snacks, showers, lockers, a game room, a TV room, and an on-site volunteer mental health counselor to ensure these kids are getting what they need.  

Sustained Theatrics strives to sustain the children by whom it is sustained. And we aim to do so in Jeremy’s honor. I had years during which Jeremy was living with me as my brother when his family had sent him away. I wouldn’t trade that time in for any single thing on Earth.  

But kids who don’t have a supportive family, who don’t have a friend to stay with, and who don’t have anywhere else to go, we like to be a safe space with no return expectations.