Tequila Mockingbird (4)

Jeremy and I started coming in to the lot wearing more and more women’s clothing and accessories. Zoe was into it and brought some make up and helped us get done up. It really went from there. The three of us were just having fun, finding cool new ways to express ourselves, and protecting one another from the world. We were unstoppable.  

Other Sustained Studio Students started showing up before classes, a bunch of us started staying late. By the time I finished high school, I was spending every day after school with up to a dozen Theatricals until 11pm in Sustained Theatrics. 

I spent my first summer after graduating working as a teaching assistant at the studio and they decided they wanted me full time. I had my dream job – I was teaching a class literally called Sustained Theatrics at the very place I had found myself.  

Jeremy left for college in New York and Zoe took a gap year in Europe. In part, we had loose plans to spend a year apart before all reconvening at home and taking Sustained Theatrics seriously.