Tequila Mockingbird (7)

Jeremy was still here when we bought, opened, and branded Sustained Theatrics in 1997. It was just the best day. Zoe came in a gorgeous blush pink tuxedo. I came as Tequila Mockingbird as Madonna in the red moment in Evita. And Jeremy as Glenn Close as Cruella DeVille. We were royalty that night.  

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We spent the night performing, thanking our partners, thanking our students, thanking our families, and celebrating a success we hadn’t ever imagined. We were living our dream. 

All the guests left by midnight – we had long-since decided that Sustained Theatrics would be a family friendy place always and as such had a midnight building curfew and no alcohol inside rule, no exceptions – and the three of us sat in the back lot sitting on the back ledge of Zoe’s Volvo hatchback sharing a bottle of shitty Champagne.  

And then Jeremy said, “I’m so proud. You two are going to carry our vision so far. I love you.”