Tequila Mockingbird (1)

I ran Sustained Theatrics in parking structures, basements, vacant lots, and abandoned warehouses for many years. When I was just starting to wear dresses, play with make-up, listen to The Immaculate Collection, treat the sidewalk like the runway, and learn to walk in heels there was no community support. I was a freak, I was a weirdo, I was the other f-word.  

I figured there had to be more of me, I had just seen Paris is Burning and so I knew there were other boys like me and a community to support it. But I couldn’t move to New York. I didn’t actually even want to move to New York. I respect all the boys and girls in this country who couldn’t be how they felt at home, so they fled to New York. But I was blessed to have two very caring parents who didn’t care if I was in a baseball jersey or a prom dress.