Tequila Mockingbird (2)

I loved my parents while I was learning who I was and they loved me. They were happy to shop in the boys or the girls section; they didn’t care that I wanted the Ariel doll instead of the Flounder plush; and they obliged my insistence to “CALL ME PRINCESS.” Truth be told, they still do!  

But I wanted to learn things they couldn’t teach me. I wanted to learn how to do a winged eye liner, how to walk more comfortably in heels, how to layer nylons to get a smooth look, and how to place a lace-front wig correctly. My mom didn’t wear make-up besides “Silversoft Rose” lipstick that she’s apply 90% of the time in the front seat of her Astro Van; and my dad was a plumber who had maybe used hand lotion once in his life and that’s the extent of his “self care” advice; and I have no sisters or aunts.  

I had friends at school, but none who knew about my little hobby and none who seemed to pick up on my hints when I tried to out myself about it.